Jason Snow Yoga

Hey. I’m Jason. I teach yoga and breathing in and around Washington, DC. While I’m fortunate enough to share what I love for a living, I’ll always be a student first. My most influential teachers to date are Bryan Kest, Max Strom, and my mom. Curiosity - a certain longing - drives my learning everyday on and off the mat. In the words of Krishna Das:

“Longing is really the number one requirement for finding real love. The first thing about longing is that it will totally fuck your life up, because it makes everything that you're looking for technicolor, and you're only getting black and white. You’re longing for that richness in life - and that just keeps bringing you up to that wall where it’s just not enough. Again and again and again. So that’s what forces you to look within. And so the longing is really grace in the first place. Without that grace, which is really a knowing that you already have within you, you wouldn't be looking for anything. You get born, you drink beer, you watch tv, and you die. And that's it, ya know? It’s the longing that saves us.”

My practice drives my teaching - without an underlying practice, the teaching would be hollow. When I play the teacher role, I do my best to communicate my own direct experience. My classes emphasize simplicity and quietness. Intimacy and self care. Awareness and feel. We start to peel back the measuring, the comparing, the hurrying, the suppression that we get inundated with on a daily basis. And maybe, if we’re real lucky, we start to see what’s left when all the fear-based conditioning starts to fall away. Yoga is revolution every time we step on the mat.